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King of Skylake Desktops


ORIGIN PC Rated #1 Skylake Desktop

 “There can only be one champion, and the ORIGIN MILLENNIUM Battlebox indisputably deserves that title. It has everything a PC enthusiast could ever want, and is the king of the Skylake-powered towers.”

- Matt Smith, Digital Trends Tech Editor Reviews ORIGIN PC MILLENNIUM PRO


“for the videographer who wants the assuredness of 24/7support and care from a dedicated team, Origin is an excellent choice.”


“Origin Pc’s mission statement is a commitment tocustomization, service and performance and the monster video editingworkstation they sent us definitely fit the bill.”

Read it Here Reviews our ORIGIN PC GENESIS


"the chassis still looks as striking as ever."

"In terms of performance, Origin PC’s box flew. In anticipation of some of the monster rigs to come, we’ve updated our desktop zero point PC to have three GTX 980s and a 5960X CPU, but this Origin rig completely blew it out of the water."

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ORIGIN PC EON15-X Voted Best Gaming Laptop 2015 from PC Magazine


"The EON15-X isn't just a serious competitor in the online arena, it's also our Editors' Choice high-end gaming laptop."

EON17-X with G-SYNC Featured on Techspot


“For purposes of trying out Mobile G-Sync, Origin kindly let us kick the tires on its EON17-X. Indeed, the results were impressive. “

 “Like the EON15-X we reviewed a couple months ago, the EON17-X is a serious gaming machine packing a full scale desktop CPU.”