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My origin millennium is everything I had hoped for and then some!

"My origin millennium is everything I had hoped for and then some! I can play any game on max graphics without my computer breaking a sweat. My customer service rep Jake was with me every step of the way during the build process. I would recommend this company to anyone who wants the ultimate dream gaming computer."

— EricReitz , 09/04/2015



From start to finish I was completely satisfied with my experience purchasing form Origin PC. Throughout the build process I was kept constantly informed of the status of my computer. My computer even arrived earlier than expected, which is always a plus. I have had my computer for a little over a month now and am almost overwhelmed by its performance. I have yet run into ant issue that due to the computer's hardware and, although I have been trying, have yet to find a game my computer couldn't run on it's max settings. Thanks to Origin PC Corporation for such a wonderful machine.

— Mason G. , 08/06/2015


Origin PC sets the standards for high end performance PCs!

Having owned many Alienware computers in the past, I was now looking to build a new PC. Unfortunately, my options were limited with Alienware's options as they don't seem to offer high performance and highly upgradeable PCs as they did in the past. That's when I found about Origin PC. I configured an ORIGIN PC MILLENNIUM PC with the fastest components I could find after watching a few videos online of how great their build quality, cable management, performance, and customer service is. I received my system here in Dubai 2 days earlier than the estimated shipping date and I was like a small child waiting to unbox his new birthday gift. The wooden crater box was of great quality, opening the box revealed the beat that I ordered which was beautifully wrapped in a linen black cloth show casing the elegance and quality of this new beast.

Upon firing up my system for the first time, every note that I had passed on to the my sales account manager was done exactly as I wanted. I requested for a very particular setup in the way Windows was installed, configuration of the system, etc. All the points were followed carefully I had a system ready to use right away.

I had a few questions about my system though so I contacted technical support and unlike other companies at this day and age, the tech support agent was very polite and never interrupted me while explaining my questions, then he answered every one of my inquiries with very technical yet easy to understand language. The beauty of their support is, they know the systems they build inside out and thus are able to provide me with easy to follow instructions as if they were actually sitting with me in the same room.

Building a PC is one thing which Origin PC did perfectly, but their superb lifetime tech support just comes as the icing on the cake making this investment worth every penny.

I will always upgrade my PC only through ORIGIN PC due to the great customer service and build quality I have received!

For a full review of my ORIGIN PC MILLENNIUM and benchmarks, you can view them here:

— Matrix Leader , 07/30/2015



If you are looking for a great PC, Origin is it! Erika, Customer Service rep, was professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. She set up my system exactly the way I wanted it, and expedited the process! Emails were answered promptly! I got my desktop in 9 working days! The build was outstanding with lots of "touches" you'd only see in a home build - like expert cable wrapping. The case is clutter free and has excellent airflow - my CPU is in the 30's to low 40's - even under load with the Frostbyte cooling. Tech Support is really helpful and friendly when I called with informational questions - and. best of all, they actually USE the systems they sell. Service is US based - yeah!!! No 15 keys to press and codes to enter to talk to someone. You get what you pay for - if you are looking for a custom PC but don't want to spend the time/energy/frustration of building one yourself - Origin is for you!

— Andrea M. , 07/28/2015


I plan on being a lifelong customer

"I used to build my own home computers, ever since taking a summer job at a computer store in high school 20 years ago.  It was cheaper by far than buying a pre-built system, and the advantage of higher quality parts and customization made this the best option.  Unfortunately, after a 15-year career in finance, my skills as a computer geek have eroded over time, and I felt increasingly nervous about buying parts and building another system from scratch myself, especially after my last custom system was crippled by problems with Windows becoming increasingly finicky over custom hardware combinations.  I ended up relying on a system image that I rebooted to every two months, as the instability of the OS invariably and permanently crashed my system.  The annoying thing was that I knew the hardware was fine, as the system image always fixed things.

That's when I waved the white flag and a friend recommended Origin PC to me.  I use my home computer system for gaming, video and audio processing, and work, and pre-built/specified systems are generally either overpriced, or use substandard hardware to shave costs.  I liked Origin PC's approach from the beginning, and had a lot of fun putting the system together during my order.  After the PC arrived, it was clear that it was stress tested, as I tried simultaneously running work software, compressing video, playing video games, etc. all at the same time, and never once has my system crashed after more than a week of very heavy use.

My requirements for a company like Origin PC include not only reasonable pricing for high quality hardware, but also extensive stress tested integration with the system software and OS, especially as newer OS's become less stable and eat up more system resources (unfortunately, we can thank the Microsoft monopoly for this one).  As a finance professional, amateur programmer, and aging video game enthusiast, I plan on being a lifelong customer based on my experience so far."

— RWong , 07/22/2015



Great service, they get back to you extremely fast so all your problems and questions can be solved pretty much same day. Financing is extremely easy and I would recommend it if you can't pay the whole price immediately. The laptop itself is amazing and I could not be happier

— Eric S. , 07/15/2015


Origin has provided a great customer service

"One word, Fantastic!! First of all Origin has provided a great customer service from ordering to shipping thousands of miles all the way UAE. I'm glad that I chose Origin simply due to their quality of build. Here are some examples:

1. During the order processing phase I had to requested to upgrade the liquid cooling for the CPU to a dual fan radiator setup. Although this option was not available for the chosen rig (Corsair 250D), Origin really helped out and upgraded to my requirements.

2. During ordering processing phase, I had requested to upgrade the CPU and power supply, which was again addressed immediately.

3. Although some delay was observed (1 week) for the order processing but in my opinion, this was compensated by their excellent logistics. Within 3-4 days of shipping from USA, my rig was at my front door in Abu Dhabi, UAE. The packing was export quality and received the rig in perfect condition.

I used to be console gamer and out of the box the PC rig is tremendously powerful. All the components were neatly installed and with very good cable management. I'm actually sad what I have been missing out on the quality of gaming on PC. I'm glad I chose Origin and would recommend them in the blink of an eye.

Thanks for the great service and product.

— iakhtarsyed , 07/09/2015


Along side of the great computer was the outstanding customer service!

"Where do I start! I got a Genesis and it is super fast and runs really well! Along side of the great computer was the outstanding customer service! My sales representative was Jake Netta. He was always their when I needed help and helped me when their were problems with my configuration to get it fixed as soon and easily as possible! The customer service is some of the best I have ever used! After joining the Origin family, I know I will never leave it!"

— Jetpro , 06/10/2015


Worth every penny

“Very happy with the whole process. Erika was always available to answer any questions and was a pleasure to talk to. System turned out great and was worth every penny. I am currently deployed and Origin was able to hit a small window for me.”

— thmsmarchese , 05/03/2015


Awesome product and Stupendous Service

Having had been in the market to replace my immensely old pc I had heard about Origin and decided to give them a shot. Their customer service was excellent and very helpful. They were patient with me and explained everything every step of the way. My system arrived exactly on time and is without a doubt the most powerful and top notch system I have ever owned, it completely exceeded my expectations. I'm very happy with my decision to go with them and am glad to be part of the Origin family.

— Joseph P. , 04/29/2015