A Profile of Gaming Perfection

Merging style and technology is an art form ORIGIN PC has perfected for The BIG O custom gaming PC to make it the technological centerpiece for your home or office. Every step has been painstakingly designed to maximize performance while displaying the beauty of the internal components.

Specialized Case Design

Our specially designed double wide case was created not only to protect the inner workings of your computer, but to also provide maximum airflow and upgradability in the future. Our advanced cable management system keeps the inner compartment of your BIG O free and clear for ease of access to your internal parts, and helps keep dust and other harmful particles from causing damage to your system.

Engineered for use with the integrated Xbox 360 slim, you can configure The BIG O with the Xbox on the left or the right of the case. In addition, you can choose the amount of expansion slots you want. Want more hard drive space, add more drive bays or configure your BIG O with additional optical bays.

Advanced Detailing

Every aspect of The BIG O's design is in your hands. Choose from a wide array of dazzling paint colors in solid and metallic finishes. ORIGIN PC will match the internal lighting and liquid cooling fluid to the color template you create truly making your gaming PC a work of art.

For those looking to add an even more personal signature to their gaming rig, ORIGIN PC can add custom logos or designs that will be airbrushed directly onto the case of your BIG O. Need help selecting the right artwork? Our team will work with you to create the perfect design to be custom added to your computer.

State of the Art Liquid Cooling

The power and performance of The BIG O is temperature controlled by ORIGIN PC's state-of-the-art air and liquid cooling system. Our case is designed with advanced cooling fans that channels cool air into the internal compartment, removing hot air keeping your BIG O system at optimum running temperatures.

The BIG O's liquid cooling system uses UV reactive liquid that improves heat transfer and heat dissipation for optimal cooling performance. This advance cooling system cools your, CPU, Motherboard, Graphics Card, and even the integrated Xbox 360 slim!