Gaming Power Incarnate

The BIG O custom gaming pc is the ultimate personal computer engineered to run the most CPU and graphic intensive games at the highest settings for the gaming experience of a lifetime. Enjoy all the latest advancements in games with zero lag and slowdown including real-life physics and three-dimensional worlds.

Go beyond games with this technological powerhouse for faster rendering times, expanded audio and video editing capabilities and unmatched multitasking. The BIG O is more than the ultimate gaming PC; it is an experience allowing you to enjoy the best that computing has to offer every time you turn it on.

Extreme PC Gaming Processors

The BIG O features high-end overclocked Intel Core i7 processors and liquid cooled for maximum performance with all your applications. Take advantage of Turbo Boost and Hyper Threading technology designed to deliver power right where you need it when you need it the most.

ORIGIN PC uses a state-of-the-art overclocking process to push your CPU beyond its limits in video games and productivity software. Our advanced air and liquid cooling system keeps your BIG O running at stable and optimum temperatures when at its peak.

Benchmark-Breaking PC Graphics

Built for the next generation, The BIG O is powered by the most powerful NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphic cards utilizing the DirectX 11 platform for unbelievable detail and realism in games. Experience panoramic gaming across multiple screens and immerse yourself in your favorite game with Surround technology. Step into the third dimension and experience a new world of gaming, video and photos in astonishing 3D.

For a mind-blowing gaming experience, configure your BIG O with the latest from EVGA's GTX video cards in SLI. Run the most advanced games at high-definition resolutions that are not only visually stunning, but can also give you an advantage in competitive play. Crank up your in game settings to maximum and enjoy the best PC gaming experience on your BIG O by ORIGIN PC.

A PC Gamer's Dream: BIG O + XBox 360 Slim

The BIG O is about innovation, power and design. Crossover to the world of console gaming with the Xbox 360 slim built right into your gaming PC. Expand your gaming library and experience all the games the Xbox 360 has to offer including access to the Xbox Live Marketplace and Network.

Plug in your favorite 360 controller to enjoy high-definition gaming and access to applications like Netflix, Hulu+ and ESPN on Xbox Live. The integrated Xbox 360 slim is custom fitted and water cooled for increased stability and performance. Combined with extreme power and the latest XBOX console, your BIG O becomes the ultimate gaming rig the likes the world has never seen before.